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Thursday, January 12, 2012

blogs of note

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too many sidebars and widgets = eyeball confusion
Q: Find two blogs you "like" and describe why.

My first "like" is the awesome Vancouver Opera blog which complements the subscriber mailings, and is a great source of accessible behind-the-scenes information.
The layout is uncluttered, using the Simple template by Blogger (no fancy Wordpress self-hosting stuff here), and plenty of white space. The one sidebar gives a number of easy ways to interact with Vancouver Opera, e.g., Twitter, newsletter sign up, via carefully chosen widgets which don't overpower the blog posts themselves. This home page definitely encourages browsing and click throughs.  The whole blog is easily navigated (there is only one static page, Ask VO) and includes a drop-down menu blog archive linking to previous posts.

My second choice is tied.

I like Rachel Meeks's Small Notebook blog cum website (about decluttering your life) ... and I also really enjoy Alexandra Samuel's Wordpress-based Love Your Life Online (on decluttering/managing your online life). Both offer excellent advice on ... er, decluttering and minimalism, though @awsamuel is more about managing your productivity by getting rid of time wasters than shedding excess physical baggage. Each blog acts like the home page for a website, with posts grouped under different categories and navigable from the tabs along the header. The look is clean, minimal and uncluttered (if i say this one more time, shoot me!) with plenty of white space to ease the reading-on-screen eye. Text is presented in easily digested bites with no huge paragraphs to wade through.

Sorry, I cannot choose.


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