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Sunday, February 5, 2012

websites i will visit over and over again ...

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which one can i eat first?

Favourite websites, hmmm?

  • For fibre porn, I'm a frequent visitor to the Twist Collective. Yarn, fibre, stitch patterns ... oh my! The Home page is a really off-putting e-magazine "click on the pages" formats but with one mouseover, Twist is forgiven. The pages scroll smoothly and content loads quickly for such an image-rich site. The photography is luscious eye candy. Links are clear, navigation is a breeze, and the content is written engagingly. The layout is clear and minimal and a pleasure to view. It is primarily an ecommerce site, and it works. Buying a pattern is extremely easy - knitting it up, less so :(
    One day my Sylvi will take shape.

    PS: Can I knit in class?

  • The International Music Score Library Project is a huge website. It's a vast content management system for thousands of scores, all searchable and downloadable. The format is simple yet detailed, and surprisingly easy to navigate. What could be a tangled jumble of mid-nineties web cataloguing is actually very usable. A simple landing page opens up to three main areas including a blog and forum. The main scores catalogue page is neatly divided into main frame with navigation links in a left sidebar. Search functions include by genre, instrument, composer and so on. There's even a DIY Soundhound for searching by melody. Just a few notes brought up the entire score for Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty!


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